We Prepare learners for work Provide them with the necessary life-skills that are vital for the workplace or the necessary skills to earn their own income.

Who Are We

Tsoseletso Secondary School is a dynamic academic environment that provides quality education to all learners within the parameters of a sound value system. We follow the National Curriculum. Through continuous in service training, our teachers are equipped with the latest trends in differentiation, inclusion and effective classroom methodology. Tsoseletso secondary school serves as a model for inclusive education internationally by offering an extensive curriculum and striving for high academic standards in a fully differentiated programme.


To establishing a happy, stable, caring environment which is conducive for teaching and learning, by creating an environment of high expectation and fostering a sense of belonging and owenership in all members.


At Tsoseletso, we are commited to:

  • Creating a safe, orderly and caring environment based on mutual dignity and respect.
  • Creating and maintaining a warm family identity.
  • Progressively providing meaningful, relevant and lifelong learning to be the trend setter on all educational developments.
  • Encouraging social and patriotic responsibility towards the environment, community and our country.


We intergrate and effectively nurture academic, cultural and sporting talents and enhance spiritual and emotional development.